Thursday, April 8, 2010

MOM here... :)

Iona has run into some bad luck...

First her computer exploded into the blue screen of death.... then around 5:00pm today she got sick... and has been "sick" every 20 minutes since.

So think of her while she is quietly resting and recovering from whatever bug this might be. Pray for her and please leave your thoughts for her!

-Iona's Mommy


Maybob said...

I hope Iona's feeling better soon! Send her my luck.


swissmiss♥lotti said...

Feel better soon! :)
Also, maybe your computer should too.

Hannie said...

Oh, poor Iona! Get well soon!


Our Cross Stitching Home/Historie/One of God's little Princesses said...

Iona, I REALLY hope you feel better soon! I can't wait to chat with you soon!
Your BFF,

~Nicki~ said...

Feel better soon Iona! Being sick is no fun, and I hope it's nothing too serious.
Nicki, Becky and Libby

Jasmine said...

Feel better soon Iona! You to computer!