Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tween Girls Daybook Week #3

I am so sorry! I have been VERY busy and I forgot about this!
Date: Sunday, February 28th 2010
Starting time: 1:50 PM
Mood: Bored, Excited, Sad, Weird huh?
Outside my window: Well, if you look at our front yard, SNOW SNOW SNOW! If you look across the street, Just Yellow grass, NO Snow at all. Crazy World.
I was just in: Church (again)
I'm thinking: Pray. For. Chile. And. Haiti.
I'm reading: Millie book #1
I'm listening to: My mom chat on the telephone.
I'm wearing: a purple shirt with two PINK fairies holding hands and it says: "Friends" above them. And jeans with pink butterflies on them!
I am also doing: The American Girl Fan Message Board
Yesterday, I: Went to AWANA olympics practice.
I'm excited for: AWANA tonight (why you ask? Because I will be strapped to my friend the whole night! That will be interesting...), and the GRAND Opening for the AG Store!
I'm sad because: It is not a BECAUSE it is a FOR I am sad FOR: Chile and Haiti
I'm hungry for: Cupcakes
The song stuck inside my head is: Grey by: BarlowGirl
I want: An AG Doll
I love: Cameras and Friends
This week, my goal is: To do good in the AWANA Olympics!
Ending time: 1:56 PM



jennakat said...

hurry up and do Hannah's vid! You only have 'til Thursday!!! Also NO ONE ELSE HAS ENTERED! :"( WAHHHHHHHHH!!!

jennakat said...

The fist Video is your entry Video! No category! Just show the doll.
Show her cuteness! LOL PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE Chat with me sometime!

Koda said...

Date: 3/2/10
Starting time: 7:07 AM
Mood: Sleepy
Outside my window: fence
I was just in: bed
I'm thinking: I have 5 min...
I'm reading: a Babysitting book
I'm listening to: nothing
I'm wearing: Pajamas
I am also doing: nothing
Yesterday, I: ate lunch at applebees! YUMMY!!!
I'm excited for: Goting to the Grossology Museum with some kids from Church
I'm sad because:
I'm hungry for: a beagel ful
The song stuck inside my head is: Pants on the Ground
I want: Rebecca
I love: Rebecca
This week, my goal is: to sleep in!
Ending time: 7:09 AM