Thursday, January 14, 2010


I want this one desperately!!

Kaitlyn Saralee (MY LAST NAME)
She is adorable!!
I know I know... I am crazy! I have already named her!! MOMMY IF YOU ARE READING THIS...GET THIS FORMY BIRTHDAY that is 8 1/2 months away...
Oh well! I really want her! Once again...LOL




Queen Lucy said...

This is the JLY I want too! Even though she doesn't look like me.

~Queen Lucy

jennakat said...

HEY! I just got that doll and named her Kiri, Are you copying me?!? Oh wait I see You're jelous Of Moi.I know I'm mean, I show off these
B-E-A-UTIFUL Pix and you're jelous okay.
XOXO Jenna ;)
word verification: mintei Mint-E
how your breath feels after a mint.

Renee said...

well I was about to say something about how you naming the doll you don't have yet is just like my daughter, but then read my daughter's comment. ugh! I'm sorry about her comment.

That is a really pretty doll and I know that you'll really love it if/when you get her.

If you save up your money perhaps you'll have enough for when the American Girl store opens up in Denver. Won't that be fun?