Friday, December 25, 2009

What I got fo CHRISTMAS!!!

I got a lot of stuff in my stocking.....I got a LPSO pet, 2 new Zhu Zhu Pets, MINI guitar for dolls, Guitar for me(YAYAYAY!!!!), Movies, A NEW CAMERA!!!!!! And a nail decorating thing, a scrap booking kit, I got the Feel Better Kit for dolls!!!!! I also got 2 T-Shirts (one of the T-Shirts came with 2 doll T-shirts to match!! Here are SOME pics!

Dollie Guitar!!!

Hannah Playing the Guitar!

Box to SOMETHING from AG.....

The Feel Better Kit!!!!!

A wii game we got!!

All of my stuff in a basket

MY GUITAR!!!! (I love it so much!!!)
NOW to figure out WHAT to play with........


swissmiss♥lotti said...

Cool! Hope you had a great Christmas!

kayley said...

I got a camera 2. u can see on my blog. ps how do u post pics on ur blog