Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Joelle Tagged me!
The rules are you have to do this tag, on your blog, when I tag you..AND you have to tag 5 other people!
Here I go!
1. How old are you?  10
2. What is your favorite color?  Purple Lime green
3. Who was your first crush and when was it?  When I was 8
4. How many blogs do you have?  2
5. Do you have a facebook?  No, you have to be 13 for one.
6. Do you have a Twitter?  Again, no you have to be 13.
7. What's your BFF's name?  Briana
8. What are your favorite Clothes brands?  Old Navy, Justice, Limited Too, and more.(I just dont know the names of them)
9. Do you put Mascara on in the mornings or whenever?  Never have.
10. What size shoe do you wear?  3 in kids
11. If you had to pick 1 singer or band to meet who would it be?  Miley Cyrus
12. Who is your crush currently?  ITS A SECRET
13. When do you post on your blog? ALMOST EVERYDAY

I tag...


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