Monday, December 7, 2009

I am going to post 47 tips on Christmas!

Here we go! (The tip was given to me by the person that is by the hyphen!)

1. Always ask Family members, or Friends for a Xmas wishlist so you don't get them the wrong present!-Joelle from American Girl Forever

2.Never look in the Mailbox before Christmas-me!

3. Remember to buy presents a while ahead of time. Now would be a good time.-Private

4. ALWAYS wrap a present in an empty room.-me!

5. Don't drop any hints about what you're getting for other people. They will find out!-Queen Lucy from Queen Lucy's Journal

6. Do not open boxes from a delivery man.- Private

7. Don't be nosey about ur present or it won't be a surprise-Alison from Alison and Ali

8.It is a good Christmas tradition to watch Christmas movies befor Christmas!-me!

9. Do not let your parents forward you the confirmation emails about what they bought!!-Hannah from AG Doll Fanz!

10. Do not look over your parent's shoulder as they order your gift!!!!-Private

11.Never peep under the Christmas tree when there are presents!-me

12. Do not read your parents email.-private

13.You should listen to Christmas music to get into the spirit!-me

14. Wake up your parents up on Christmas before you go see what is under the tree on Christmas morning!!!-private

15.If you know what your brother/sister is getting DON'T TELL THEM!-me

16. Don't look under your parents' bed or in their closet, that's a favorite place for parents to hide presents-Jasmine from Dolls and Wool

17. Do NOT ask your parents what you got! They will tell you, even if they don't mean to!-Queen Lucy from Queen Lucy's Journal

18. Just because you write a list doesn't mean you get everything on it... if you don't get what you want the most, don't complain or cry.-Libby from Libby and Nicki

19. Never let your siblings guess what you got them, they are MASTER dectectives.-May from American Girl Stars

20.make sure to get your online friends presents too!-Libby from Libby and Nicki

21. Make sure that you leave NO ONE out when you're giving presents out when there are a group of people.-May from American Girl Stars

22. ALWAYS tell people "Merry Christmas" on Christmas eve and Christmas day, it cheers up they're day!-Joelle from American Girl Forever

23. Make sure to thank everyone who gives you a gift!-May from American Girl Stars

24. Handwritten thankyous are nicer than fill-in-the-blank ones- Libby from Libby and Nicki

25.Put on a smile even if you don't like/already have w/e the present is!-May from American Girl Stars

26. Always be happy with your gift even if you do not like it!!-private

27. It's the Recession (In Ireland anyway) so don't expect as MUCH as you usually get.-May from American Girl Stars

28. Always be thankful for what you recive.-Private

29. Be kind, don't kick up a fuss, just be pleasant to make Christmas really calm!-May from American Girls Stars

30. Help your parents with cooking or w/e aroun d xmas---there's lots to do!-Libby from Libby and Nicki

31. Offer to help wrapping presents!-May from American Girl Stars

32. Make sure to help with the cleaning! There is always lots to do before Christmas! Keep your room clean before and during to minimize the cleaning by one room! Also, you will be happier in a clean room!-Quinlyn from Quinny and Co.

33. don't pig out on sweets until your guests arrive! LOL-May from American Girl Stars

34. Don't fight with your siblings about who get's to open the first gift. It just causes a bad day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Jasmine from Dolls and Wool

35. A good thing to do is bake and decorate cookies during December!-Private

36. DO NOT EVER!!!! Brag about what you got. ( you are allowed to TELL other people just dont brag) -me

37. Sing so many Christmas songs everyday! It's all part of the festive season darlings!-Libby from Libby and Nicki

38. If you don't get what some one said they'd get you and you really wanted it, don't cry-May from American Girl Stars

39. Try to keep "your areas" of the house clean. You will all feel more relaxed that way!-Jasmine from Dolls and Wool

40.Try not to stress your parents out asking to go shopping for Christmas.-May from American Girl Stars

41. It can be difficult to sleep on Christmas eve, I reccomend to close your eyes, calm down, and think to yourself, the sooner you fall asleep, the sooner it will feel like Christmas comes-Jasmine from Dolls and Wool

42. Donate some extra change to the Salvation Army or other organizations by giving it to the people who stand in front of stores with the bells and wear red!-Gabrielle from Swiss Miss Lotti

43.If you are gonna be watching a movie invite the family too!-me

44. If you play an instrument, learn how to play some holiday songs on it!-Quinlyn from Quinny and Co.

45. If you know a language try to learn a song in that language.-private

46. Hide the gifts you bought for your family in a place where your snoopy relatives won't look!!-Private

47. ALWAYS...(yes I said ALWAYS)...Clean up your own wrapping paper that you threw on the it will be less of a hassle for the grown ups to clean it up after you unwrap it!-me

Hope you enjoyed them!! Thanks!!!


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