Wednesday, October 21, 2009

S.S.S. and more!

Super Science Saturday! For those of you who like science will love this place!

Every year in October 24th at N.C.A.R. (National Center for Atmosphere Research) in Boulder CO they have a Super Science Saturday! It is where you go and learn about all types of science! (last year I did a fake news report and got to see myself on TV...of course not really broadcasting) You can also go boating and climb rock walls and you can wear your Halloween costume!

What are you being for Halloween? I know this is kinda CRAZY but I am being a BABY for Halloween!! The reason I am is because I have all the stuff I need (except for a pacifier) so it wont cost any money! (I have footie PJ's, baby blanket, I can put my hair in pigtails, and all I need to do is buy a pacifier!)


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Sara said...

That's awsome! I am not doing Halloween this year. My B-day is the day after though!! Ill be 13!!!