Monday, October 5, 2009

AG Talent Show

This is the AG Talent Show!
The contestants are:
  1. Miley
  2. Hannah
  3. Lauren
  4. Mckenna
  5. Sabrina
  6. Melanie
  7. Rachel
  8. Lexi
  9. Leanne
  10. Emma
  11. Jessica
If it does not show up click on the link below.

Like it?

Sorry it is soooo long but please comment on how I did and who did the best act....(If you do not know their names just use numbers beacause they are in the order that they are in when I listed them up there)

I know it is not THAT good..because aaallll the singing was done by me ( the singing was not sooo good because I am sick and because I was trying to sound like dolls) and the video camera was worked by me ALONE..But I guess I am just not a professional


I will post this on my dolls blog too!


Charity said...

Super cute! You have a great voice!

jennakat said...

Rachel's, Leanne's, or Miley and Hannah's.

Isabel said...

I liked Rachel, Leanne, and Jessica's act.