Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I cannot wait for my birthday!

It is true I cant..........there is only 1 2 3......10 more days until my birthday! Hey i am gonna be ten!

If you looked on a dolls life lately you would have heard that i am getting 2 ag girls for my birthday! (go to http://dollslives.blogspot.com/2009/09/yay.html if you wanna see a pic)
I cannot wait until they arrive....if I am correct they will arrive thursday or friday!



Natalie said...

Cool! My bro is turning 10 in 11 days!

Natalie said...

September 19th.


The dolls of Sunshine Glory said...

Hi! We are the dolls of sunshine Glory! We love your blog! Please visit ours

Happy Birthday!

Hannah E. said...

Awesome! Happy birthday! My b-day was the 11th.

Hannah said...

Happy birthday! Stephen and Megan's birthdays were last week:) That's cool that you're getting more dolls!