Friday, July 31, 2009


so here is the update.

1.We are moving...not far away
2. My friend is here from south dakota
3.My birthday is coming soon

Here are the details

1. we are going to be moving to a different house not a different state.

2. she came with us from South Dakota and her parents are coming a couple of days to help us move. birthday is coming in a month and 18 days including today.

I will update later today...I hope.


P.S. This is random but I am reading a book called Mandy by Julie (Andrews) Edwards that is really good.


Isabel said...

Hi, I'm Isabel, Caroline's sister. I hope you have a fun move. I've always thought moving would be fun. Packing, unpacking in a new place. I'm going to get a blog tomorrow!

Renee said...

I can't wait for you to move. You're gonna love the new house a lot.

I know you're having a blast with your friend there.

and almost two months til your, what have you got planned for the big day?

Isabel said...

Sorry I'm commenting again, but what does I.N.N. stand for?

Anonymous said...

I.N.N. are Iona's initials

Does the new house have a pool? :)

I hope you have fun with your friend and moving!!!


Isabel said...

Sorry I am commenting for the third time, but I started a blog!

Coconut said...

I've read Mandy too! It's a good book!

Sara said...

The best thing about moving is that you can totally redecorate your room!

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Have fun moving! Lol! Check out my blog at