Thursday, March 12, 2009


We went to a Co-op for a sushi place called Wakuni! And I normally do not like sushi since I do not like fish..But they had a chicken sushi! With just chicken!! It was really Tasty!! I hope you guys can go there sometime..It is the best Sushi place ever! Now I loove sushi...But only the chicken kind!


P.S. Tell me if you like sushi!!


jennakat said...

Have you ever had lime and pepper Tilapia? YUM! I have naver had sushi...the chiken doesn't sound bad at all though! Now I will get a song stuck in your head

Baby he needs to tell you something! I don't got a belly button! (bell-y butt-on) Belly button no - oh no nooooooo, NO BELLY BUT-TON!!

Girls Aloud Fan said...

Hey! This is Katherine. I've never had sushi but I don't like the look of it... Have you ever had cheese tortillas dipped in melted chocolate??? It's DELISH!!!

:) Jellybean

Charity said...

I loveeeee Sushi! Yummy Yummy , but the real kind! Miss you and love you!