Saturday, March 28, 2009

Iona Vs. Movie Theatre Vs. Other

I went to the Move theatre today to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D!
We went to the IMAX theatre...It is HUMONGOUS...GINORMOUS!
It was AWESOME! You guys gotta see that movie! It looked sooooo real! Because it was in 3D!
I think all of you should see it if you want too! It is Hilarious!

I need to take more pics of me for you sometime....I should of taken a pic at the movie theatre!

My friend slept over 3 days! She left today! We had a snowball fight today...Except our friend kicked our forts down. It was Awesome!!!

I have to end this post soon...I have to go to bed at 9 O, Clock..Because I have to wake up early tomorrow....

Well I hope you enjoyed this post!



cara said...

Hi Iona, it's me Cara. I tried to comment on that cooking blog except it kept on telling me I needed to log into my account. I just couldn't figure it out. You've been blogging for a long time! I even checked.

jennakat said...

You need to post and read my blog!!