Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have..And Other

I Hvae a Loose tooth! I know it is not all that exciting but..It is for me! Because I have noot had a loose tooth since I was in my old house! I just found out today that it was loose...And it is one of my K-9 teeth my mom said!

My friend did this and so will I!

  • I have 2 brothers
  • I'm the oldest child in my family.
  • I'm the only girl.
  • I have my own Cat
  • I think that Ketchup and cooked carrots is YUMMY!
  • We Have a wii
  • I want to play Guitar.
  • My Favotite Game on wii is Super Paper Mario! (I am already almost finished with the game)
  • I love AG Girls
  • I Have 1 BEST friend and she lives in Montana.
  • I Talk ALOT.
  • I love going to church.
  • I Love ToysRus.
  • I Love the Name Enys. (En yuh)
  • I want to live in California
  • I Want a game sytem in my room.
  • I've always wanted blue eyes.
  • I love my hair.
  • I want a pet Ferret
  • I have kinda good eyesight.
  • I am 9 turning ten this year.
  • I think that webkinz are awesome
  • I LOVE Skate City.
  • Horses are cool.
  • I want a Guitar for my B-day.
  • I Have a DS Lite
  • I love taking pictures.
  • I love my camera..But it Sucks
  • My Intials are I.N.N (If u did not notice ;) )
  • My favorite numbers are 2 and 9
  • I do not like Chocolate
  • I love California.
  • I Love summer
  • I've never broken any part of my body.
  • I have had stiches once.
  • I also Have sprained my wrist.
  • I Have a loose tooth.
  • My nickname is Ona! (oh nuh)
  • I love the color Purple.
  • I Love Horses.
  • I love Crafts.
  • My favorite meal is ANy chianese meal.
  • I love listening to music.
  • I have made A TON of paper airplanes in the last 2 days.
  • My family babysits 2 cute little kids
  • Electricity and Space are my favorite things to learn about
  • I love to read...and I'm fast...really.
  • I'm learning Sign Language soon.
  • I Love my friends.
  • Jesus is my Hero.
  • My favorite band is Superchic[K].
  • My favorite song is "One More"
  • I Love beaches.
  • HSM 3 is my favorite movie.
  • I have been in 2 church singing services
  • I think it would be cool if I could drive,
  • I love to swing!
  • It would be cool if I had freckles.
  • I have Hazel-Green eyes.
  • I want to live in a house with my own Bathroom.
  • I'm starting to run out of ideas.
  • I think that I am really tired of saying these Ideas.
  • I am very friendly.
  • I don't like moving.
  • I love to shop at Christian Bookstores and Target.
  • Any of the Magic tree house books are my FAVORITE!
  • My favorite animal is the Horse.
  • I only like hot dogs when they have ketchup smothered all over them...Or cold Hot dogs
  • I want to be a Stay at Home Mom when I am older.
  • I wish I had a Laptop.
  • I love learning things about science.
  • I love Science.
  • It would be fun to have a rodent pet.
  • I love the smell of rain.
  • I hate riding horse but they are my favorite animal.
  • My favorite scent is Tires..LOL
  • My favorite candle scent is cinnamon.
  • I do not collect anything.
  • Hay smells bad.
  • I can't wait till my friend comes to visit.
  • I was reading at 3.
  • I was born on Sept 17 1999
  • I like to watch movies.
  • I am SO ready to be done with this.
  • I can't wait for summer.
  • I love snow!.
  • Macaroni and Cheese is yummy!
  • I love to get e-mails.
  • I wish I had a ferret
  • One of my frinds is really nice
  • I do not like Mushrooms.
  • I love Onions.
  • I Love Peppers!
  • I have 1 Cat.
  • I want a pet snake or Frog..I know Iam weird.
  • I hate raw Brocolli.
  • I have a 6 year old brother..and just because he has not had his party yet but he has had his real birthday he does not believe he is 6..
  • I love IHOP!.
  • I love cooking.
  • My favorite thing to do is have fun.
  • There u go!

    Phew that was long! :b




    Anonymous said...

    That must have taken a long time!!

    I have 3 loose teeth right now.


    Katherine said...

    That's really cool! Good for you! I loved it.

    I don't have any loose teeth right now. I lost one of my K-9 teeth.


    Cara said...

    I have no loose teeth. I am supposed to loose a few more teeth but when they grow in I have to get braces. Your birthday is 1 day before mine.