Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lap books and other!

Today was full of fun we made a coooool lapbook of china! and I also Had ones from a long time ago and there are cool too!

Ok Krazy Kayley Kreek FINALLY posted and she wants you to read it.

And On my dolls blog I posted!

I have not been up to much just playing super paper mario on wii...and stuff.

So here is a quiz.

What is right behind you? A chair

What are you touching when you reach your arm all the way to the right? A book

Do you have a penpal? yes

Are you a good singer? yes

Do you like eating cheese alone? NO!!!!

Have you ever made a lap book? yes

That is all for the quiz!

Here is a haiku poem!
China has cool things
like its population...cool
It is very big

That is my haiku poem and here is another one!

My Mom Says….

My mom says never

To be mean to my brothers

And I say No Way

That is all for today!


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