Thursday, November 27, 2008

I wonder.... and other stuff.

How come roses are not blue?
Why did god name flowers, flowers? why not Nuts?
I wonder all these things every day....dont you?

Hey guess what my mom said that if I can prove to her that I can blog 7 days a week.....Then I get a blog for my AG girls....(I have 9 so it's worth it).

I cant wait that would be on the 2nd of Dec I get one....Yay Me!!! I had a good time today! I went on this website and this is what I did with me!

Dont I look Adorable?

except you can see some of my real hair...Oh well.
Well I had a good thanks giving did you?

Well Happy thanksgiving!!!



Heather said...

Oh this is actually Iona but I forgot to log out of my moms account so now it says that she posted it but i actually did.

Renee said...

I think you look much cuter without the make-up. And seeing as how you don't brush your hair when you're at my house...I don't see you keeping up with that hairstyle. ;)

and I need to talk to your mom.

Natalie said...

What website?