Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sorry, and other stuff....

Sorry for no post in a while!! I have been too lazy!!!
And a bit busy....I have been doing school all day!!! I gotta catch up...Because I'm homeschooled my mom has to say time for school for us to do school and we have been busy a lot this month already and last month.

I have 5 subjects 3, 4, or 5 Sections in each part and I have 2 more parts in Science about 3 or 4 parts in History, Math, Language Arts, and Bible!!

Oh and I also made a poem about spring, it was for school....Here it is!!

Spring is fun
You can play and run
It's so cool
But there is still school
Flowers Bloom
There is a bright moon
Spring is great
Don't be late

Like it?!?!?

I made it up all by myself!!

Oh and I forgot to tell you!!
I am going to girl scout camp this year!!
With 2 of my friends!!
One of them says it's fun because she has been there before..And I haven't EVER been there!!
And the girl scout leader said there is a LUCKY chance that this time we might get to sleep in a lodge!!
Instead of a tent!!

Well that is an update on life...Bye!


1 comment:

Renee said...

DD wants to know why you change your template so often?

Did you have all that homework cuz you played over here? ;) I hope it was worth it.

and re camp... I know you're gonna love it. I always did.