Friday, March 14, 2008

Mom posting...

Our family got the Christian version of Dance Dance Revolution yesterday. It's called Dance Praise 2 and if you ever had a doubt how much Iona liked music... You have got to know that she rocks.

They have been playing the Dance Praise since it arrived (or rather since Daddy installed it) and today she beat the Jesus Freak by DC TALK on HARD! She rocks... and is all sweaty now.

You should check out the Dance Praise! It's really coooooooool!

That is all from Mommy ;)

(Iona said, "What?!? You are posting on my account?")


Carrie K said...


Nan said...

Oooppsss! That was me before!


Kait said...

That's cool!


Katie said...

I have heard of that from a friend who has it...but i have not gotten a chance to play it yet :)

I'm glad you enjoy it so much :D


Renee said...

looks like your mom is learning my tricks! ;)

Hannah said...

That's funny!