Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Writing a Story...

I am writing a story...But I have not started it yet....BUT I do have names for some of the people and i wanted to share them!!

Jaylene - Daughter of Nicole and Andy and the oldest out of 3 - 12 years old!

Breanne - Jaylene's littlest sister - 1 year old

Sammy - Jaylene's Friend - 11 1/2 years old

Alice - Mean Girl - 12 1/2 years old

Nicole - Jaylene's Mom who works at the hospital

Andy - Jaylene's Dad who works as a News Reporter

Adrian - Alice's brother - 9 years old

Hadley - Jaylene's middle sister - 3 years old

Tayja - Sammy's little sister who annoys her ALOT!!! - 5 years old

Isla - Jaylene's and Sammy's friend who works at the Libray - 16 years old

Peter - Sammy's New friend - 12 years old

Zach - Sammy's brother who also annoys her ALOT!! - 5 years old

Leah - The girl who gives Sammy and Jaylene advice - 14 years old

Olivia - Jaylene's aunt who wants her to be proper

Carly - Singer at school - 13 years old

Ella - Carly's little sister who is greedy - 8 years old

Gabrielle - Isla's sister who works with her - 15 1/2 years old

Do you have any Questions like...Pronunciations or something?

If you have any Ideas for names or idea's for the story...Jus tell me!! But make sure to give me a name age and who that person is if you have a name Idea.....

That is all for now bye bye!!



Kaitlyn said...

Nadia - 13 - Jaylene's maid/best friend Maybe she could help!


Natalie said...

What is the story going to be about?


P.S.A uncle? Clide-Jaylene's uncle? age 49?

Hannah said...

I like those names! I am currently writing a story as well and I am almost finished with it. It is most likely going to have 20 chapters. Good Luck!

Jessica said...

Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

Hannah said...

Maybe Zach could be the funny one!

Renee said...

(This is chrissy)

Renee said...

(still chrissy)
I have an idea
Iona: Carly's little sister who is greedy-4 years old.
Suzan: the meen girl.
At leest change Alice...I will name my lil'Polar bear ALICE!