Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Report on the State of Washington

My report is on the State of Washington. The capital of Washington is Olympia. It is located in the Northwestern part of the state. The population (or how many people live there) of Olympia is 44,645 as of July 2006.

Washington's boarders are: Oregon, Idaho, Canada and the Pacific Ocean.

Washington is the nations top apple producing state. They produce 42% of the worlds apples. Washington is estimated at about 192,000 acres of apples orchards. Some of the apples they produce are: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala and Cameo.

The state tree is a Western Hemlock Tree. In 1946, an Oregon newspaper teased Washington for not having a state tree so they picked one and made it the state tree in 1947. The state flower is the Rhododendron.

The state seal is a picture of Washington. Charles Talcott modeled the seal after a postage stamp portrait of George Washington.

The Washington was admitted to the union on November 11th, 1889. The flag was finally adopted in 1923. The state flag is green with the state seal in the middle in gold.

The state of Washington got it's name in 1853 in honor of our first president. George Washington was the first president of the USA and was in office from 1789 - 1797.


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