Monday, February 4, 2008


Well Today I went to a co-op to make drums. I can teach you how!

Well you need mabye a round shape box with both ends have a hole and a ballon and paper that can wrap around the box and markers to decorate it!

Well you cut the balloon to fit the box and then put the paper around the box and glue or tape it then decorate it then you play!!

If that does not seem simple then sorry I can not explain things very well!

So have fun if you are going to make it!

Oh and should I change my blog background? If you say yes then I will! What pattern do you want if you want me to change it?

Well hope to hear from you soon!




Renee said...

I like the hearts. where did you get this background? I'm betting your mom, huh?

Natalie said...



P.S.I like this background. Besides, it's up to you!

Natalie said...

I posted!


Natalie said...

You have been tagged by me!


Katie said...

Hey Iona,
I taged you on our spunkettes blog :)


Natalie said...

He, he, he!! You were tagged by me and Katie! Go to my or her blog to see what to do! :)