Thursday, January 24, 2008

What are you reading?

Since there are a few new homeschooled girls checking out my blog (Hooray!) I was just wondering what everyone one is reading?

When we go to the library I get 12-20 books that I read non stop until they are done.

Some of the last books I have read are:

Hannah Montana's Series
Katie Kazoo Series
Lots of Science Books... I like Science.
And art.
(edited to add: My Bible and my AWANA book!)

My mom and I used to be in a girls book club back at Ellsworth, AFB when we lived there. I loved it! I was wondering if you all wanted to do the same type of thing. We all read the same book and comment about what we thought.

Some of the books we read before were:

Ruby Holler: Which I loved.
Gypsy from Nowhere and Gypsy and Nimble Foot
Mr Poppers Penguins: Which the boys LOVES
Lots of American girl books
and many more!

Even though I am only 8.5 years old, I read about the 6th grade level. So I like chapter books and my mommy likes to read too. And my mom and I also both write books! I am writing my first book right now. Hopefully I can share it with you soon!

So what do you think?


Cali Girl said...

My fav book that i posted was Hannah Montana series even though it's a series not just one book i still liked them!

H.N. Eisley said...

I am reading nothing right now. But soon going to be reading a cornelia funke novel... which you are too. *GRIN*

homeschoolgirl said...

I am reading lots of books! A Series of Unforunate Events The Slippery Slope, Heidi, Heavan for Kids, a deavotainal book for gils and then of CORSE! My Bible!


velvet97 said...

I am reading:
the new prophecy: