Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and croup CAME!

Here is what i got for CHRISTMAS!!

A Nintendo DS Three games for it HSM Hannah Montana and Nintendogs! Came from Mommy and Daddy and Hannah Montana came from Cassie!

I Got three more wbkinz Lil'kinz Persian is named Erika German Shepard is named Cheif and Poodle is named Snowball! The German Shepard came from Grama Laura and Grampa Greg

Hsm Dolls that sing! From Santa

And A Hannah momtana doll that sings!! from Cassie

And I got 5 more littlest pet shop's and a backpack to hold them from Granny and Grampa Mack.

And I got HSM 2 the movie and karaoke version of the CD!!! from Mommy and Daddy and the CD from Cassie!

And I got a hannah montana backpack! from Mommy and Daddy!

And my grama Laura made me a WEBKINZ,BED!!!

Oh and About the croup I got croup Christmas Eve Morning and I still have it!!!!
It's awful!!

And Here are some pic's


Renee said...

Hey! Chrissy is upstairs playing, probably with webkinz or her dolls. LOL!
I think we need to get a better picture of her up on your blog.

Hey Friends! said...

Looks like a great Christmas!