Thursday, May 3, 2007

I got sleep today!

Well, today I finally got sleep! Woo hoo! It was just well, I finally got to sleep till 10:00am!!!! It was amazing. No toby screaming waking me up. It was amazing. I was the last person to get up today. Including my dad and my mom. And Toby because he usually wakes up reaaaaally early. And usually I wake up early so it was kinda weird. I guess because I just went to bed late that night and I was really tired.

Well I have to go to bed now. Hope i get more sleep.

Oh yah, since we are in Sioux Falls, tomorrow I get to go to the pool at the hotel alllllll day. Wooo hoo! I will try not to splash daddy since he will be on the computer!

Night night!


luvhorses! said...
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luvhorses! said...

Ten in the morning!!Wow I wake up at 5:30!!!

Amy said...

YaaaaaaaaaY sleep!